Bulls Teach Young Raptors a Lesson

So that was ugly, wasn’t it?

Once it was confirmed that Andrea Bargnani wasn’t going to play because of a sore left knee, the Raptors were pretty much destined for an ass whooping.  This one got ugly by the half, but credit where credit is due, the young Raptors showed some fight and there is reason for hope for the future.

Chicago is arguably one of the top four or five teams in the East and, with Carlos Boozer back in the lineup, they are a hard team to beat each and every night.  The Bulls have a tough as nails coach, in Tom Thibodeau, who preaches defense and a young core that seems to be growing well together.

The Raptors should take notice.  This is a team they should try to build themselves in the mould of.

Zan For Three

2010 Free Agency Redux

So looking back at the circus that was the 2010 free agency period Lebron and Wade remain the biggest pick ups and are starting to make a tremendous difference with the Miami Heat.  They are beginning to be everything they were advertised to be but how about the pick up of Amare Stoudamire and Carlos Boozer?

Much was made of Lebron, Bosh, Wade and Amare but Boozer was almost a forgotten bridesmaid during that time.  His off-season injury also erased him from our minds during the first part of the season.  He is back and he is kicking some serious ass.

Carlos Boozer was unstoppable tonight at the ACC. He almost single-handedly defeated he Raptors. There simply was no way to stop Boozer on Wednesday night.

Boozer is, by far, the best player on the court for his team and that is saying something with a starting five that looks the way it does in Chicago.  Miami may have built a winning culture in South Beach, but Chicago picked up a piece that really puts them over the edge.

Forget that he dominated Amir Johnson and Joey Dorsey.  These are not playoff calibre power forwards yet.  Boozer’s dominance inside makes him a very tough match up going into any playoff matchup.  Bosh vs. Boozer?  I’ll take Boozer.  Horford vs. Boozer? I’ll take Boozer .  Kevin Garnett might be the only one who can shut him down, and he’s a bit slower and maybe not as tough.

Watch out Eastern Conference.  This guy is going to make a big difference this year.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Jay Triano and his staff should be paying close attention to what Tom Thibodeau and his staff are doing in Chicago.  This is a team that can score, but man is their defense good.  Chicago allows their offense to dictate their offense and the Raptors still haven’t figured that out yet.

The Bulls forced stops on the defensive end and turned them into points on the offensive end.  The Raptors are still trying to out-shoot their opponents.  This strategy doesn’t work very often, if ever.

It’s time Colangelo, Triano and the rest of the organization look at teams like Boston and Chicago and start imitating what they see.  The players in Boston and Chicago both bought into Thibodeau’s system and have reaped the benefits.  Why would the Raptors not want to try the same philosophy?

Obviously a change of team philosophy requires some new players, and possibly coaches, but it may be something that the “big Wigs” of MLSE should seriously consider.  That is, of course, if they’re interested in winning at all.

Silver Lining

Tonight Sucked.  Let’s just call a spade a spade and move on.  We are not in the calibre of a team like Chicago.  We are not.  Plain and simple.  However tonight provided some opportunities to be hopeful and look, positively, into the future.

Joey Dorsey (12 pts and 13 reb on 5-8 shooting in 29 minutes)

This is an impressive stat line from the young power forward out of Memphis.  Yes, some of those points were scored in garbage time, but he is resembling something the Raptors may want to take a chance on.  He is a big body and possess some post-up skills and might be worth investing in.  He showed some fight tonight and banged inside against some pretty tough interior players.

Jarryd Bayless ( 20 pts and 4 Assists in 33 minutes)

Bayless has been the engine on offense.  Although many of us would like to see a point guard pass the ball a little more, he has played well since being acquired from New Orleans.  He is resembling more of a shooting guard, but this kid is 22 years old and certainly has some upside.  He gets to the rim, can shoot and is serviceable on the defensive end of the floor.

Ed Davis (10 pts on 5/9 shooting, 10reb, in 32 minutes)

His first start as a Raptor and he played well in spurts.  He was overmatched inside by Chicago’s bigs but Davis held his own against some pretty admirable talent.  This kid is going to be a decent NBA player.  I like the look of him, I like the way he plays the game.  He doesn’t force the issue and will only get better and better.  If the team, as I suggested earlier, starts looking at the defensive side of the ball then Davis could be a key player moving forward.  Definitely something to look forward to.

Zan of the Night

Carlos Boozer

The man is an absolute beast.  I would not want to meet him in an alley or in the paint.  He scares me and even thinking of him tonight gives me shivers.  He absolutely dominated the inside tonight and basically took whatever he wanted from the Raptor bigs.  Amir Johnson was his play toy tonight and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Not Zan of the Night

Amir Johnson

Hey dude, I love you as a player.  On this current Raptor squad, you’re probably my favourite player, but tonight was not your night.  Mama told you there’d be days like this.  More fouls than points, not a lot of minutes for you out there because of the foul trouble and not much brewing on the offensive end either. Take it as a learning experience and move on.  Carlos Boozer is one of the best.  You have work to do before you are competing consistently with the likes of that bad boy.

Kristoffer Pedlar
The Zan Tabak Herald
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7 responses to “Bulls Teach Young Raptors a Lesson

  1. Renato

    All I hear everywhere is that he is a liability given his +/- stat. Yet when he is not playing that implies an ass whooping, so which one is it?

    Did I hear Andrea has been playing hurt for two weeks now?

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  3. Dan

    Sure Andrea is liability, but not the only liability on this team. Our wings are just plain horrible, we don’t have a true centre. And the list goes on…

    Back to Andrea…I really don’t hate the guy, he is decent kid, down to earth.
    However, I cannot understand how some Bargnani fans just cannot see that whatever he scores he gives back by not playing any defense. Last few losses Raps have been carved from the inside, there was no D, no resistance at all. Ben Wallace and Nazr Mohammed had their career nights with Bargnani “guarding” them.

    This is not to say that he is the only suspect on D, our perimeter defense is not any better either. How many times this season we have been dropped on 10 or more threes? Sonny, Demar, Linas…they are just not doing anything to help with the D. Caldy used to be the main suspect on defense, but he’s got numerous company now.

    Back to Chicago game…Raptors would lose it either with or without Bargnani in the game. Perhaps not by 17, maybe by 15 – but does it really matter?

    One thing is clear, this franchise cannot be nor it should be built around single player – whether it is Bosh or Bargnani. Heck, Cleveland could not even build it around talent such as Lebron. And yet, that’s something I suspect Colangelo may try to do. Just swapping Bargnani for Bosh and spending 4 more years trying to build a winning team around him as a centre piece.

    And, that’s not gonna work.

    • Renato

      but for the fact that Andrea has not been guarding either one of those players /they scored against Amir, mostly) your reasoning is sound.

  4. Kristoffer Pedlar

    I lean more towards the “we need him” side of the arguement. Yes, his defense isn’t great and often downright scary, but the league is full of players that are gifted on one end of the floor and not so great on the other end of the floor. Hell, The Raptors tried, unsuccessfully to build around a player that fit that exact description in Chris Bosh.

    Andrea is the best we have right now. Should we build around him going forward? I don’t know about that.

    He is a very gifted offensive player and creates all kinds of matchup issues for opposing teams becqause of his range. I think there is certainly room for a player like that going forward.

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