Raptors Keep Hope Alive

It was an effort that came 24 hours after it was supposed to.  The Raptors looked confident and convincing in a 111-97 win on the road in Detroit.  The win moved them to within a half game of the idle Chicago Bulls.  The Raptors will be rooting for the Celtics tomorrow as they face off against the Bulls in a game that could make or break the Bulls’ chances at the post season.

Andrea Bargnani led his Raptor team to an important victory that keeps the Raptors very much alive in the battle for he 8th seed in the Eastern Conference.

The game was full of positives and negatives as Andrea Bargnani played the role of superstar for a night and Amir Johnson absolutely demolished his former team with 26 points.

On the flip side, Sonny Weems left the game with an ankle injury and was being X-rayed and looked at after the game.  Word from Paul Jones was that he would be okay.  The Raptors are going to need Sonny to help the team score in their final game, at home, against the Knicks.  A game that could send them back to the post season.

The Zan For Three…

That’s more like it

There is a part of me that would like to believe that Andrea Bargnani read yesterday’s Zan Post Game and was inspired to put together a 33 point night.  I realize that he, most likely did not, but it was nice to see him take on the role of team leader with confidence.  He was unstoppable tonight.  Bargnani is a tough match up on any given night and the more he exploits this mismatch against opposing teams, the more the Raptors will win games.  This team is at its best when Andrea is rolling.  Tonight he could do no wrong.  If this is the player we are going to see consistently then the Raptors could be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs.

How Do You Like Me Now?

It has gotta hurt for the Pistons to watch how much Amir Johnson has grown as a player this year.  They drafted him 56th overall in 2005 as the last high school player every to be drafted.  The Pistons watched him grow, but didn’t seem to have the time or patience to allow him to mature in Detroit.  He was traded to the Bucks and then flipped to the Raptors and is now playing a pretty consistent and important role on this team.  Tonight he put down 26 points against his former squad.  That’s gotta feel nice for Amir.

The Pistons on the other hand let him go so they could develop more “NBA ready” players in Jason Maxiell, Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum.  How has that worked out for you, Detroit?

Amir Johnson got a chance to show Detroit fans what could have been with a 26 point performance against his former club.

Maybe you let one slip away.

Let’s Go Celtics

I never thought I would ever willingly cheer for the Boston Celtics, but here we are.  Two games left for Chicago, one for Toronto.  If Boston wins then Toronto will control its own destiny at home against New York on Wednesday.  I can’t believe I am going to say this.  C’mon Garnett!  Let’s go Rondo! Uggggh…. it had to be the Celtics, didn’t it.

Zan of the Night

No Question. Andrea Bargnani.  He played like a superstar and led his team to an absolutely imperative victory.  He looked like a top dog out there.  A player that could hang with the NBA’s elite.  Now we need to see this more consistently.

No Zan of the Night

Charlie V.  Did you really guarantee a victory tonight?  On What basis?  How many games have the Pistons actually won?  Charlie Villanueva is a solid player and I really enjoyed his tenure in Toronto, but you’re on a lottery team.  You don’t guarantee victories on a lottery team.  Time to lay-off the Twitter, you’re worse that John Mayer.


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