Warriors Break Raptor Hearts at the ACC

What an ending to that game.  The Raptors, down one, make a steal off the inbounds and get it to Bosh who misses a contested layup with no time on the clock.  Bosh did, basically, everything a human being could have done to get the Raptors the victory, scoring 42 points, but in the end Corey Magette and Stephon Curry were too much.  This loss will hurt a lot more in a couple of weeks if the Raptors aren’t able to find some magic against their next few opponents (Cleveland, Boston and Atlanta).  Wins are imperative at this time of year and the Raps really could have used this one.

Chris Bosh reacts to missing the potential game winner. He did everything, but hit that shot, tonight scoring 42 in a losing cause.

The Zan for Three

Rotation, Rotation

The Raps had the right unit on the floor at the end of the game with Weems, Bargnani, Jack, Wright and Bosh, but it took a long time to get it right.  Triano pulled Bosh out for what seemed to be an eternity mid way through the fourth and the Warriors quickly went up by 15.  When he came back in the Raptors slowly clawed their way back but didn’t have enough gas.  It was nice to see a defensive unit on the floor to end the game.  The Raptors could have used that intensity throughout the game.  Turkoglu, Calderon and others were largely ineffective tonight and it took a lot of mixing and matching for Triano to find the right chemistry out there.  Coaching is not always an easy job, sometimes it comes down to trial and error.  What works one night will not always work the next.  Hell, what works one quarter, won’t always work the next.

Holy 3 Pointers Batman!

The Golden State Warriors were 13-26 from downtown!  Are you kidding me?  That is an unbelievable amount of three balls.  The Warriors really lived and died by the sword tonight.  The Raptors were better defending the three-ball near the end of the game, but you can’t really fault the Raps for letting the Warriors take those shots.  Many of them were contested, they just went in at an alarming rate.  An incredible shooting display.  It was like watching 5 Dell Curry’s out there at all times for the Warriors.  Golden State has some talent and can certainly shoot the ball, but when you go for the money ball everytime you’re gonna lose some games.  Not surprising this team finds itself in the basement of the Western Conference.

Don Nelson

He has now tied Lenny Wilkens as the All-time winningest coach in NBA history.  He has been a consistent force on the bench for a long time.  He will best be remembered, I’m sure, for his very successful years in Dallas and for leading his Warriors to huge upset in 2007 over those same Mavs. Nelson is also known for his public spats with players and for being very opinionated about players on his team (See Marco Belinelli).  Always one of the more animated coaches, he has been a pleasure to watch out there.  He has earned every bit of the honour about to be bestowed on him.

Plus the Foul…

Stephon Curry had a lot to celebrate on Sunday night, leading his team to a thrilling road victory at the ACC.

The Raptors have a tough schedule ahead of them over the next three games.  It would have been nice to have a win against these Warriors, but now comes a true test.  If the Raptors are to make the playoffs they will have to face a top four team.  They now get the pleasure of three games in a row against the top of the Eastern Conference.  If this doesn’t prepare them for the riggors of the NBA playoffs, nothing will.  Buckle up gentlemen, the next week will be a bumpy ride.

Zan of the Night

Chris Bosh.  Stephon Curry is equally deserving for his near triple double and the way he took it to the Raptors in the second half.  Jarrett Jack helped lead  the Raptors back with 16 points in the fourth quarter alone.  But Chris Bosh scored 42 points and 12 boards tonight and got to the rim 23 times. He was the best player on the court, by far, and had a chance to close out the game with a big layup at the buzzer.  The only thing he did wrong was to stay on the bench when Triano told him.  An absolutely amazing night from CB4.  Here’s hoping Boshtown did enough tonight to convince him to stay in town.

Not Zan of the Night

Jose Calderon.  He was thoroughly outplayed by Stephon Curry, that was to be expected.  But a -15 on the night?  He was essentially useless.  It took Triano too long to ride the Jarrett Jack train tonight.  When you have two starting point gaurds it is hard to pick which one you want to go with and at what times.  Triano made the right choice, eventually leaving Jack in to stay.  Calderon had nothing going tonight.


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Kristoffer Pedlar
The Zan Tabak Herald

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