Raptors stumble, but walk away with a win in Philly.

The Raptors took care of business yesterday afternoon against the Philadelphia 76ers. It was closer than most of us would have liked, but while Philadelphia played hard, the Raptors executed consistently down the stretch for their third win in a row. Now let’s move on to the good stuff.

Antoine Wright

I read an article a couple days ago, I think it was maybe Doug Smith, wondering if the Raptors might let Antoine Wright walk this summer because of the emergence of Sonny Weems. But after yesterday’s win, you couldn’t convince me that was the right call with a gun to my head.

Antoine Wright played phenomenal.

He’s our best defender, he hits open shots and he plays smarter than any player on our team. He also continually sneaks in to grab rebounds when no other Raptor player is in the vicinity. He was the only guy in a red jersey trying to grab the ball after Jack missed his free throw at the end of the game. And he did this at least 3 times yesterday.

He’s crafty. He’s smart. He’s a hard worker. And he’s still damn young. If BC lets him walk I will be very surprised.

Sonny Weems

Speaking of surprised, I read today that BC almost waived Sonny Weems when he was acquired last summer. Raise your hand if you’re glad he didn’t. This kid is really finding his own in the league. He hits jumper after jumper and he gets after his man on D. And the point that I keep forgetting is – he’s a sophomore. A second year player. He’s a diamond in the rough and I’m glad Colangelo dug him up.

Hedo Turkoglu

It’s good to hear that Turk has been putting in extra time in the gym. Hard work hasn’t exactly been his calling card in the league. A Turk who’s healthy, in shape and on top of his game is going to speak volumes if the Raptors make the playoffs.

Plus the Foul

Jay Triano

Marc Stein, one of the most respected and connected ESPN reporters I know, reported today that Jay’s job isn’t safe, even if the Raptors make the playoffs. To this I say, no way, no how, impossible.

Jay’s job is as guaranteed as they come. Mostly because he’s done a good job (his defense switch with Jose guarding Kapono, Weems on Holiday and Wright on Iggy is a perfect example) and especially since the team is still paying Sam Mitchell THIS year.

Zan of the Night

Chris Bosh

No offense to Sonny, Jose, and Andrea, who all had great games, but Chris’ stat line is impossible to ignore. 28 and 12 is what we’ve come to expect. But 7 assists on top of that is special.

Not Zan of the Night

Andre Iguodala

Yes, he scored a season-high 33 points but his poor shoot selection down the stretch gave Toronto the win.


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