Raptors’ Slide Continues As Losing Streak Stretched To 5

Another game, another loss. The Raptors continue to search for answers as the Portland Trail Blazers took care of business on home court. Take solace in the fact that it was a loss against a solid team and the Raptors played with more heart and passion than we’ve seen in the past few games. But a loss is a loss, as they say, and the Raptors now sit just a half game ahead of Chicago for the final spot in the Eastern conference.

Statistical anomaly

If you were to look at the stat sheet without knowing who won the game, you would have assumed the Raptors walked away with the win. Shooting 56 percent for the night compared to 46 for the Blazers. Comparable stats in assists, turnovers and rebounds. It certainly doesn’t have the appearance of a 10 point loss. I guess sometimes, the stats don’t tell the tale.

Changing of the guard

Well that was interesting wasn’t it? Jay Triano opting for Jose Calderon to start the third. I can’t remember the last time I saw a bench player start the second half without an injury in the starting lineup or foul issues. It goes to show you how desperate this Raptor team is for a win. One has to wonder however; why mess with the psyche of your team midway through the game? It was a roll of the dice by Triano that didn’t necessarily pay off. Mostly because Jarrett Jack seemed to force his game a little coming off the bench in the third. Perfectly understandable to say the least.

It starts with Bosh

After ripping the team in the media the night before, Mr. Bosh has a monster game, scoring 29 points on 9 of 14 shooting. Sure the Raptors didn’t walk away with a victory but Chris Bosh certainly did his part.  No, he wasn’t exactly Kobe Bryant to finish the fourth, but he never has been that type of player. The question then becomes; is Chris Bosh a player who deserves the maximum amount of money in the offseason? Or is he a complimentary player who should earn slightly less?

Plus the foul

The schedule giveth and the schedule taketh away

Oh, how we laughed when the Raptors schedule looked easy in February. Not so funny now, however. A tough four game road trip that couldn’t come at a worse time. And now, we play Atlanta and Oklahoma at home. Two very tough teams. And a game, on the road, against New Jersey, on the second night of a back to back. Is there no mercy?

Zan of the Night

Nicolas Batum

The Frenchman certainly came out of nowhere to have a great game against the Raps. Going 7 of 9 in 30 minutes of action.

Not Zan of the Night

Andrea Bargnani

The big Italian didn’t have a great game, scoring 11 points. His career remains mostly inconsistent despite taking a few steps in the right direction.

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