Raptors Miss an Opportunity

With the eyes of the city focused on Dion Phaneuf and Jean-Sebastien Giguere , the Raptors decided it was good time to take a night off. As a result the team missed an opportunity to extend their winning streak to six games against an inferior opponent.

Missing DeRozan and Turkoglu the Raptors played terrible defense for the better part of three quarters and then ran out of gas. Maybe it was a short bench, maybe it was looking past the Pacers.  In any case it was a game that they should have, and could have had, especially with the numbers Bosh and Bargnani put up.

If that wasn’t bad enough it looks as though Jose Calderon may be added to the long list of injuries after rolling his ankle.  All in all it was a bad night for the good guys.

The Zan for Three

It was that kind of night for Jarrett Jack and the Raptors as they got spanked in Indianapolis.

Shallow Bench

The Raptors have lived and died by their bench this season.  The depth of the team has been a major reason for victories on many nights.  Tonight the bench wasn’t effective as it has been.  Only three players on the team were able to reach double digits. While Antoine Wright, Amir Johnson and Jose Calderon were not effective on offense or defense. Big nights from Bosh, Bargnani and Belinelli were wasted by an overall lethargic effort by the rest of team.  Let’s hope Calderon is back healthy soon as the bench is most successful when he is on his game.

Inside Presence

The Pacers abused the inside tonight.  Hibbert, Dunleavy and Murphy all had big nights and the Raptors were unable to stop them.  Bargnani, Bosh, Rasho, Belinelli…it really didn’t matter.  Get a hand up in the faces of these guys.  There is no reason the Pacers should ever be allowed to shoot 76% for any quarter ever.  72pts in the second half?  Are you kidding me?  These are the Pacers.  Granger over Bargnani I can handle.  But Watson over Bargnani?  Should never happen.

There’s Always Tomorrow

A poorly played game is tough to take but there were some positives.  Belinelli played well on the offensive end as a starter.  And you have to like what Bosh and Bargnani were able to put up on the offensive end.  The best medicine for a tough loss?  Knowing that the next game is against the New Jersey Nets.

Zan of the Game

Danny Granger.  My writing partner wants to punch  him and so do I after the way he played tonight.  He had a rough first half but he made adjustments, quit shooting the three and took it to the rim.  The results were a 23 point night and a W.  He recognized that he wasn’t shooting the ball well and decided to draw fouls instead.  Smart moves by a smart player.  I still can’t believe we took Joey Graham in the 2005 draft instead of this guy.

Not Zan of the Game

The Refs.  Don’t get me wrong the Raptors were architects of their own misfortune but these guys could not possibly have made more incorrect charging calls against the Raptors.  The number of times the Pacers used flopping to get calls was ridiculous.  Sometimes I wonder aloud whether the referees hate Bargnani.  He didn’t help himself at all tonight but he is victim of some of the worst calls out there.

Bring on the Nets!  Please


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Kristoffer Pedlar
The Zan Tabak Herald

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