Raptors Starting to Show Swagger in Win Against Pacers

After a rough start, Antoine Wright has found his groove, playing big minutes for the Raptors off the bench.

Aint it sweet?  The Raptors win their fifth game in a row against the Pacers.  The same team that handed them an embarrassing come from behind loss a few nights back. One of the few blemishes for the Raptors over this last month. A January that has seen the team go 10 and 5. The tenth time in franchise history they’ve been able to reach that win mark.  A pretty impressive month.

But of course, who cares about all of that? The big news of the day is the Leafs acquiring Dion Phaneuf. He must be excited. He gets to watch a world class basketball team when he gets here.

The Zan for three (plus the foul)

Jose hearts Amir

What’s up with these two? It seems as though they have some sort of kindred connection on the court. They work extremely well together; Jose seemingly finding Amir on every fast break.  A real life odd couple to say the least. And let’s give it up to Amir. He’s been the surprise of the season for me. Playing with heart, passion and intensity. And as we all know, because Leo says it a million times a broadcast, intensity is contagious.

Winning is everything

Don’t think this team wants to win? Up 10 with 1:42 to go, Chris Bosh commits a turnover. Bosh thinks the Pacers touched the ball last before going out of bounds, and emphatically and passionately pleads his case. And wouldn’t you know it, the ref reviews the call. It didn’t go the Raptors way, but it goes to show you, this team isn’t taking anything for granted.

I’m just going to say it

A small non-displaced fracture in the orbital bone? Get back out there Hedo. This is Toronto! Didn’t you hear? We’re a hockey town again.

Building Confidence

With the Pacers charging back to tie after falling behind 16pts, a Raptor fan could be forgiven for sensing a disappointing loss was coming.  There was a time when it was the Raptors M.O. to let a winnable game slip away to a team they should beat. Not so anymore.  The Raptors have built a confidence in themselves.  As a fan, the fourth quarter has become less stressful because you can just feel that the Raptors will take charge and win despite being down.  They have the swaggar of a team that knows how to win.  Winning is something to expect instead of something to hope.  It has been a long time since I could sit comfortably on my couch or barstool and feel that way about this team.

Zan of the Night

Chris Bosh

Ho hum, 26 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists. What what?! 7 assists?

Not Zan of the Night

Danny Granger

Recently someone on Realgm (shout out!) did a post on who the most punchable players in the NBA are. Admittedly, Granger is on my list. But not tonight! Going 3 for 13 will do that.


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2 responses to “Raptors Starting to Show Swagger in Win Against Pacers

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  2. Brothersteve

    Bosh has decided to get a few assists in the past month.
    If CB4 has learned to pass out of the post/trouble, the Raps just got a lot better than the rest of the league will be expecting.

    Must be a contract year with 130m beans on the table! CB is one highly motivated guy this season.

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