Get loud Toronto! Raptors win yet another emotional game at home

There's plenty of passion around the team these days, as Chris Bosh seals the game on a pizza shot.

The Raptors beat the Miami Heat last night in what turned out to be a wildly entertaining game. Maybe not quite the caliber of a Laker win two nights ago, but a great game nonetheless. It was another emotional win for the good guys, as the crowd was energized and the team made big shots. Wins like this seemed to never come last year. But they’ve been plentiful this year – the makings of a good season.

Hedo The Good, and the Bad.

Say what you want about Hedo Turkoglu (and we’ve said a lot here) the team is winning with him in the lineup. We’ve read a lot, and we’ve heard a lot, about his role as a facilitator and it couldn’t be more true.  The ball moves when he’s on the court. He always makes the right decision (usually a pass) and he’s a team leader. So yes, while he continues to shoot some 25% over the last ten games, his overall effectiveness has been good. At the very least he recognizes his shooting woes and chooses to only put up 5 shots. Something you rarely see in the NBA full of egos.

The Flash Runs Out Of Batteries

Mr Christie returns to Toronto. The Raptors' defense in the second half surely made him proud.

Dwayne Wade is one of the most electric players in the game. He has a tendency to hit shots with a high degree of difficulty and he has a flare for the dramatic. But if his team chooses to play him for the entire second half, he’s going to stop being effective. And that’s exactly what happened. Missing badly on his final two possessions. He had nothing in the tank when his team needed him the most. Miami is in desperate need of a deeper bench.

Jose the Mad

Jose has been playing angry of late, and nothing makes me happier than an angry Jose. He seems to have a edge to his game these days (maybe it’s because he’s unshaven). But what Jose brings to this team is completely and utterly invaluable. Down ten, going into the second quarter, Jose leads the second unit to tie the game. Why? He’s significantly better than every back up point guard in the association. That’s a huge asset to have.

Zan of the Night

Andrea Bargnani

The bigger, big man was sensational tonight. If Chris Bosh decides to leave the team in the summer of 2010. He’ll average something close to 26 to 27 points a night.

Not Zan of the Night

Skip To My Lou

Late in the fourth quarter, his team down five, Rafer Alston takes the game into his own hands and tries to drive to the lane for a lay up. Naturally he misses. Bringing flashbacks to every Raptor fan across the nation to when he played here.

Plus the foul

Random stat. The Raptors are now 5 -0 while wearing their alternate jerseys.


Jeremiah McNama
The Zan Tabak Herald


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