Bam! Raptors pound Mavericks.

The Matrix drives for two against his former team.

My co-writer couldn’t have said it better. This is the team we hoped we had when Bryan Colangelo made a gluttony of moves in the off season. Bosh was his usual dominate self, Bargnani was hitting shots, Jarret Jack was driving the lane, Jose Calderon seemed to never miss and Hedo Turkoglu went 2 for 9.

…you can’t win em all, I guess.

But looking on the bright side the Raptors outscored a very very good team for the final three quarters of the game. Stellar!

The Zan for three

Jose, I’m sorry.

Egg on my face. On Thursday we posted two different points of view on what to do with Jose Calderon. Here and here. Well, tonight he proved keeing him might be the better option. In the second quarter he was nothing short of spectacular. Ripping the game away from the Mavs and never looking back. If Bryan Colangelo has a good offer on the table come February, he might be a little bit more pensive to pull the trigger after a game like this.

Bargnani numero uno

Mark Cuban scratches his head at what exactly happened to his Mavs Sunday Afternoon

Is that Italian? Spanish? Both? I dunno. What I do know is that Bargaani has proven to the league that he’s worthy of the number one pick some 4 years ago. My how time flies. 4 players in that draft turned out to be studs. Roy, Rondo, Gay and Bargnani. They’re all fantastic players and Bargnani has earned the right to stand tall amongst them.

Here’s a question, if you had to do that draft all over again. What would be the order? I’d go:





But to be honest, it seems like we’re just starting to see a glimmer of the player Andrea can be. How sweet is his mid range game looking right now?

The right man for the job

A lot was written about Jay Triano when the Raptors were losing in November. I remember one prominent NBA reporter said Jay Triano was “in over his head”. Doesn’t look like it now, does it? He’s done an excellent job managing minutes, he manages an excellent locker room and his Xs and Os are stellar. Kudos to Bryan Colangelo for sticking by his man. He’s the right guy for this job.

Zan of the Night

The Mac Magic Mouse

No seriously. This thing is amazing. Everyone go out and get one.

Outside of that, Jose Calderon.

Not Zan of the Night

Matt Devlin

I love him. I really do. But did anyone catch him call Nowitzki, Turkoglu? Twice in 5 seconds! Hilarious. Reminds me of Ron Burgandy reading off the teleprompter.

Plus the foul

By the way. I ‘d put this win as the Raptors biggest win of the season. A blow out against a top notch opponent. Very impressive. Onwards and upwards – away from that .500 level.

Jeremiah McNama
The Zan Tabak Herald

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