Raptors give Pistons a lump of coal for Christmas

Hedo Turkoglu was in a giving mood last night as he had 11 assists to go along with Andrea Bargnani’s big night and the Raps made the pistons look uglier than the drive from Windsor to Detroit.  The Pistons shot a ridiculous 27% from the field and the Raps absolutely took advantage for a rare laugher over Detroit.

The Zan for Three

How Belli got his groove back

Andrea dominates the Pistons D in Detroit

It was nice to see Marco shooting the ball with confidence last night.  He didn’t have a huge game by any stretch but this game may have really helped rebuild his confidence.  Going into a key stretch after the holidays they are really going to need him to be effective if they pan on stealing some wins in the next week or two.

Will the Real Bargnani Please Stand Up

Andrea has been nothing but inconsistent in his time as an NBA player but every once in a while he makes you jump out of your seat.  This is why Raptors fans hold on to the assertion that he will one day play like a Dirk Nowitzski.  His turn around dunk was one of those stand up moments.  He also shot the ball like a Hall of Famer last Night and looked very confident.  The battle for him over his career has been making it happen in consecutive games.  Here’s hoping he can put it together.

Kiddie Core

Demar Derozan, Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems are beginning to look very exciting aren’t they?  These kids are playing with energy and are using these big blowouts to build confidence in their game.  If the Raps are going to be successful this year they are going to need these Young guys to deliver.  All played big minutes last night and contributed to the dominating win.  Nice to see a new wave of young Raps coming up.

Zan of the Night

Andrea Bargnani

He played like an All Star and looked dominating.  Yes, it was against a Pistons team that likley would have played  my writing Partner Jer and I off the bench for added scoring last night, but it was still a positive sight to see him so dominating.  He took it to the rack, he shot with confidence and he was slapping balls down on defence.

Not Zan of the Night

Anyone who touched the ball for the pistons.

27% is awful.  This is the NBA and after the first ten minutes or so this team no longer looked like an NBA team.  Brutal.

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