Carter Eats Boos for Breakfast

It was a tough one to lose today as Vince Carter once again got the better of his former team.  Watching him out there is both energizing and demoralizing if you are a fan.  The crowd was once again all over him for the entire game but he seemed to feed off of the poisonous energy for one of his better games since coming back from injury.  The Raps went cold in the 4th quarter and Carter stuck it to them like an ex girlfriend dating your best friend.

Vince drives past Turkoglu on his way to another dominating performance against his old club

Zan for Three

Perimeter Defense

Is it just me, or could we put this one in here every game?  Gee, I wonder if word is getting around the league that Calderon, Jack, and Derozan can’t guard the outside.  The Magic took advantage of the terrible D all afternoon.  JJ Reddick looked like he was wearing his Duke uniform as he knocked down big jumper after big jumper, Jason Williams glided to the net with ease and then there was Dark Lord of the ACC that once again dominated, especially in the fourth quarter.  You can handle Carter having a big game from a coaching standpoint but making Reddick look like an All Star is where you have to draw the line.  Get a hand in his face, hell, force him to the basket where he isn’t that effecient.  The guy is about as one-dimensional as they come so why not get up on him and guard the three? Belinelli was seriously missed today.


Heir Canada got schooled today, plain and simple.  The teacher dominanted  the pupil.  Derozan didn’t really show up today and ended the game with only 1 point.  If he plans on keeping his starting job he is going to have to pull up his socks and start living up to his self annointed nickname. He looked more like Air Canada circa 2004 when he started phoning it in.


The guy loves to stick it to Toronto fans.  It hurts a little inside everytime he does it. It’s like a slow motion car crash:  you know it’s coming but you can’t  look away.  Once again he used our hate to fuel the Magic’s victory, that and our terrible defence on the perimeter.   He was a true game changer and snatched away what could have been a huge victory.  It is scary to think this guy now plays with Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis and Jameer Nelson….the Magic are stacked.

Honorable Mention…

Amir Johnson

Quickly becoming a fan and blogger favourite.  Provided key minutes and points off the bench today.  Looks like a keeper.  Keep your feet moving on defence and avoid that foul trouble though.

Zan of the Night

Air Canada

Who else?  The guy is pure Evil.  He has been dubbed ‘He who shall not be Named’ and tonight he gave the Raptors D the Imperius curse.  Once again the Evil one shoved our boos right back down our throats and enjoyed every minute in doing so.

Not Zan of the Night

Jose Calderon

Dude, play some D! He’s beginning to resemble a pylon out there on a regular basis. He is a black hole and everyone in the building knows it. Offensively he missed three big buckets in the 4th that sealed victory for the Magic…not a good day at the office.

Another thing: Did anyone see Jay break the clipboard over his knee?  That was awesome! The only thing that would have been better would be have been if he turned green and his arms ripped through his suit.  I like the passion and anger.  This is what Jose’s Defence is doing to all of us.

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  1. ferrettij

    The boos have to stop for VC. It just gets him hungrier

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