Raps Get An Argentinian Slap To The Face

Even without Tim Duncan and Tony Parker the San Antonio Spurs were able to use their bench depth and dribble penetration to down the Raptors.  Defense seemed to be something everyone in the building was allergic to tonight.  Both teams put up a tonne of points and Manu Ginobli was unstoppable.  On top of which, the Raptors were manhandled on the boards and gave up a heap of second chance points.


Jose and the rest of the Toronto Perimeter could not contain San Antonio on route to a disappointing loss

Zan for Three

6th man? On what planet?

Without Duncan and Parker the Raptors really had one focus on defense tonight and it was Ginobli.  I know he’s technically a 6th man but the guy was unstoppable.  Somebody put a hand in his face, get up on him, double team the guy for goodness sakes.  He treated the Raptors perimeter defense like they were pylons and helped make the rest of the Spurs team look like magnificent.

Didn’t realize how many Hall of Famers the Spurs had

Without Duncan and Parker the Raptors decided to make Matt Bonner and George Hill look like Hall of Famers.  Seriously these guys looked like Kobe and Wade out there slahing and scoring at will.  I love the Red Rocket but he isn’t an NBA starter and the Raps made him look like Dr. J.  It was a night the Raps should have been able to shut down the Spurs, yet the defense was abysmal, and at times the game resembled the Washington Generals playing against the Globetrotters.

Give me another chance

How much did you want Reggie Evans to rip off his suit like Superman and reveal he was actually in uniform?  The guy is desperately needed right now.  The Raps couldn’t contain the Spurs inside even without Duncan. Bosh and Amir Johnson showed moments of grit and fight but this team needs to get tough in a hurry or they are going to get torched every night.

Zan of the Night

Manu was deserving and Bosh had a pretty good statistical game but let’s give it to Sonny Weems who made his Raptors debut tonight, shot 100% from the field and looked servicable.  He may be an interesting project this year.

Not Zan of the Night

Perimeter Defense

Jose picture is on on most fans’ dartboards right now but Jack, Wright and Derozan were awful as well.  Not one player could contain George Hill let alone Manu Ginobli or Richard Jefferson.  It was like watching a grade 6 team try to defend the Lakers.  Offensively this unit was productive and sound but they couldn’t buy a stop.  130pts allowed is ridiculous. You cannot win games giving up 130 points. Especially on the road.

Sadly, this is the game we’re going to look back on as the one that got away.

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