The Center – According to Zan

The Players:Bargnani

Andrea Bargnani

Rasho Nesterovic

Pattrick O’Braynt

and Amir Johnson

The Story:

After a great second half by Andrea Bargani last season, Raptor fans will be interested in seeing if the Big Italian can continue on his success. He’s backed up by the Big Steady, Rasho Nestrovic. A solid, dependable, fan favourite.

Worst Case Scenario:

With a new contract already signed, Andrea’s game regresses. He doesn’t improve his physical play. He shoots the jumper more often than he drives. Rasho steps in for defensive purposes more than we’d like, taking Andrea’s valuable offensive game off the court.

Best Case Scenario:

Andrea’s game improves. He plays tough and he plays strong defense.  His confidence continues to sky-rocket as he begins to look like a seasoned veteran.  There’s even talk of an all-star appearance.

Rasho plays like Rasho. He doesn’t show signs of age. He continues to be the stable, defensive force he ‘s always been.

The Prediction:

Somewhere close to the best case scenario.  Andrea’s game does improve, but fans will still cry for more rebounds and more toughness; A facet of his game that will never fully satisfy the hardcore Raptor fan. But this year, his numbers won’t disappoint. Expect something close to 18 and 6 for the season. Which should be enough to get him some consideration for the All-Star team.

Rasho will be Rasho. He’s got a good couple years left in him before he starts to regress.

POB  shouldn’t see much court time. If he provides anything that can help this team it will be a plus.

Look for Amir to play some nights against smaller, more athletic line ups.

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