A Letter to Pops Mensah Bonsu

Dear Pops Mensah Bonsu,

So I hear it’s now official.  I hear you’re leaving the Toronto Raptors for sunnier skies and more playing time in Houston.  If this is the case then I want to wish you all the best in your future home. The city of Toronto will miss your energetic style of play and your constant hustle on the floor.  You embodied, for us last season, what Toronto fans wanted the Raptors to do more of: hustle, play hard, contest shots, block shots, rebound, and play with intensity.

82992864KS003_RAP_BOBCTThe sad part of all this is we never really got to know you better.  You were only in a Raptor’s uniform for a little over two months, but in that time you captured our hearts with your competitive spirit and enthusiasm towards the game.  You brought light to the Raptors team in a very dark year.  We are only left to imagine what you could have accomplished with all of these new players around you.

Raptor fans know, and hope, you will find great success in Houston and come back to haunt us like so many other former Raptors have. I only wish the current situation would have allowed you to return to the team and provide energy and intensity off the bench. Hopefully Houston will appreciate the player they’ve acquired and playing time will be plentiful for you.

One cannot help but feel that the Raptors might be missing out on something special here.  A player who has yet to achieve his potential and has a high ceiling in my opinion.  We haven’t had a player like you in a Raptor’s uniform since the days of Jerome Williams.  You were fun to watch and one can only hope that your energy and effort will rub off on what little team members remain for last year.

We will always have respect for your game and when you return to Toronto, on December 13th, we will have an arena full of fans ready to cheer on #44. Or is it now 21?

Until then; all the best.


The Zan Tabak Herald


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3 responses to “A Letter to Pops Mensah Bonsu

  1. Mike Klander

    I hope the Raptors know what they are doing getting rid of a hustler like Pops. He was exactly what they needed especially given how physical the east has gotten. Let’s hope guys like Reggie Evans can pick up the slack.

  2. Jeremiah McNama

    Honestly, I couldn’t have put it any better myself.

  3. And now Pops is in Russia, still giving us basketball playing/following Brits something to be proud of!

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